:: Thursday, September 18, 2003 ::
I see signs..

I could hear birds chirping. I rubbed my eyes and slowly exposed my corneas to suck in the vision. It was still dark. "That’s odd" I blurrily thought to myself.

Perhaps that was the first indication I have managed to notice that it was already spring. Birds are up for their early worms. Mornings are not as cold. The flower buds on the trees are wrestling their ways to bloom. I looked at the time and was relieved, knowing I still have a good four hours to sleep.

I could hear water clumsily flowing, probably spirally from the sound of it. It was the sound of the toilet flushing. I could tell it was approximately ten o'clock from the noise. My housemate has a peculiar habit on answering nature's call same time everyday. I tried to sleep. The fact that my apartment is on the third floor did not help drain the street noise. My eyes felt heavy, knowing that they have not rested for eight hours as recommended.

I gave in when a familiar but irritable noise sent a glitch of annoyance down my spine. My wooden night stand let out this piercing trembling high-pitch noise caused by the vibration of my mobile phone alarm.

I was up for the day. Sunny and pleasantly cool, I observed while standing at the balcony as I took a puff from my cigarette.

As I walked to the train station en route to my university, I saw a notice that was not there the day before. It was a "JOB VACANCY – WAITERS WANTED" on display at my favorite pizza restaurant, La Porchetta. I went in and asked for Tony, as suggested by the notice.

"No mate, Tony’s not in till Friday".

I keyed in Tony’s number in my mobile phone and left. I called Tony soon. A little girl answered the phone. I thought I have dialed the wrong number seemingly it is weird a little girl would own a mobile phone.

I did not hang up. "Can I speak with Tony please?" I enquired.

The recipient did not reply but I could slightly hear she was running towards somebody.

"Hello?", I could hear a male with a deep Greek accent speaking. I asked about the job vacancy and he arranged to meet on Friday for an interview. I was enthusiastic, surprised to know that they are so many job opportunities available, contradicting my knowledge.

Just as I was about to catch a train home, I went through an arcade, which is not my en-route routine. A scribbled notice board was on a glass window in a Sushi bar. I walked past by and paused for a brief second before reversing for a proper view when I realized that the scribbled notice sign usually means Job Vacancy. I was right. “Looking for a counter hand with good customer skills” I interpreted the bad scribble. I beamed with excitement. I saw a guy dragging a huge rubbish bin nearby, which I knew from the uniform he was wearing, he was one of the employee. I enquired about the job.

"Can you come back tomorrow? We’re closing. Come tomorrow around 10a.m. The boss will be here by then."

I managed to give him my resume and thanked him before walking away. I was smiling. So many opportunities when I start to look. This reminds me of a weird lady which I had the weirdest conversation with.

I was waiting at the tram stop when I approached this lady for a lighter, knowing she had one because she was smoking herself. She acted coldly and her facial gestures were not pleasant. She digs her handbag groping messily for a plastic object that would pass for a lighter. Several moments passed and she was still finding. Embarrassed, I was causing so much trouble, I asked "May be I’ll just use that one" pointing to her nearly burnt out cigarette.

"It’s definitely in there, I just used it" she refused to obey and continued to dig. She then levered her handbag to her vision so that she could look and search. After moments of awkwardness and helplessness I was feeling, she pulled out a small object and handed it to me.
"You’ll find anything if you search long enough" she said to me.

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:: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 ::
Not so Quotable Quotes
"Honestly, I think we should just trust our president in every decision he makes and we should just support that"
- Britney Spears proves that dumb blondes is a myth

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testing the comment..

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:: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 ::
Location: Melbourne
Temperature: 10°C

Ordinary day. Went to the city late afternoon to meet my friend because I needed some assistance for my another assignment which was supposedly due in 2 days. However, the subject coordinator extended to the deadline to Thursday next week, so yay. Was in the train when she called me that she wouldnt be able to help me today.

So, was in the city without any purpose. Oh, I did help my housemate to pick up his airline ticket to Singapore. Have you guys heard of the Electronic Ticket? Apparently this is the new type of ticket material. Unlike the previous ticket which is reddish orangey type with red carboned papers, the Electronic Ticket is just a piece of paper! No difference with the paper printed out from your own home computer.

I was like "I come to pick up a ticket on somebody's behalf" and the lady went to pick up the 'ticket' and gave it to me. "Check the names if they are correct". I'm like " Yup, they are correct". So, she smiled at me, indicating " that's it thank you" "Where's the ticket?". She pointed out," this is your ticket, it's the electronic ticket, show this to them to get your boarding pass!"

After that I went to Uni to create a resume because I'm part-time job hunting. I decided that I do not want to be miserable every month with limited pocket money and I've got this inspiration from my classmate who's doing 3 part time jobs! Anyway, the lame excuse to cover up my lazy ass is that "I can't find one!" He said he's doing pizza delivery, a florist shop assistant and a newsagent assistant. This opened my eyes that so many variety of jobs are availble besides waiting. His advise to me? Just walk in every shop and ask if they have job vacancy.

So there I was in South Yarra, job hunting walked in some shops I think suits me. Sadly, no luck. Towards the end I'm so disappointed that I didnt want to face another awkward moment "ohh no job? thanks anyway, forcing myself to be smiling and thinking 'FUCK YOU!!!!!!' in my head", so I decided to CALL. I got the number from one of the restaurant's 'billboard' and called while standing a few steps away from the door. Anyway, still no luck and she asked me to try my luck during Christmas time. I left my contact number and my name for the 'just in case', hoping that she was WRITING it down and keeping it for future purposes instead of pretending to jot down the numbers I gave it to her.

Anyway, I did saw a notice saying there was a vacant in this really fancy and classy pub/bar/restaurant all in one. I was really intimidated and unsure if I have the experience and the qualification to apply. Anyway, I gathered my courage and walked in. As people say "If you don't try you have 0% chance". The waitress was really nice and she asked me to come by at 8pm and speak to Michael which I assume is the boss.

So, iI was excited, went home and prepared for the interview. Took a shower, shaved and put on my Issey Miyake EDT which I reserve for truly grand events. So I was all dressed up and walked in.
"Sorry Michael is not here now, are you looking for a job?"
"Have you got a resume?"
"Yea" Handing him my resume.
"Ok, I'll give this to him"

Fuck! I got all dressed up for nothing. So I walked....and walked.......and walked.......until I reached my apartment.
Damn the government, IMHO the unemployment rate is not what that is stated! This is conspiracy!

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Joke I got from a forwarded E Mail

Donald Rumsfeld died and went to heaven. As he stood
in front of St.Peter at the Pearly Gates, he saw a
huge wall of clocks behind him.
He asked, "What are all those clocks?"
St. Peter answered, "Those are Lie-Clocks. Everyone on
Earth has a Lie-Clock. Every time you lie the hands on
your clock will move."
"Oh," said Rumsfeld, "Whose clock is that?"
"That's Mother Teresa's. The hands have never moved,
indicating that she never told a lie."

"Incredible," said Rumsfeld. "And whose clock is that

St. Peter responded, "That's Abraham Lincoln's clock.
The hands have moved twice, telling us that Abe told
only two lies in his entire life."

Where's Bush's clock?" asked Rumsfeld.

"Bush's clock is in Jesus' office. He's using it as a
ceiling fan."

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Interesting Quote

"Never criticize a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes. That way, if he doesn't like what you have to say, it'll be OK because you'll be a mile away and you'll have his shoes"

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Temperature: 8°C

Great day. Weirdiest thing happened just now. I was about to reach for a cigarette in my living room, when someone peeked through the balcony's door. It was my neighbour(unit 10) and 2 other neighbours (unit 2)! Screamed my name, and I went to the balcony and have a chat. Showed me around their apartment and I showed them mine too. Terrific people. Was very impressed with their apartment, it was painted red in the hall way, living room and the rooms were painted bright aqua. Surely do liven up the place. Very funky looking too.

There were a lot of photos stuck on the shelves too, taken during his holidays in Thailand. Looked like heaps of fun and he said he was there for 4 months and never wanted to come back here to Australia.

Make me realise how lifeless and pathetic my apartment is. Anyway, they asked me to visit them whenever I want, just push in the door cuz it's not locked all the time and just go in! Without hesitation! Hmmm...That's friendly to an extent, I mean people barging to your apartment whenever we want? I'm not too sure if I could do the same. Anyway, they asked me to go hang out with them during the weekends, to clubs and bars.

Handed in one of my assignments today. Got a 10/10! That subject and especially the tutor is pathetic. In a blink of an eye, it's already week 10 this week. In another 1 month, I'll be having my final exams. The exam timetable was released today, could not be bothered to check them out, but a bunch of people sure did, cramped the notice board. I thought to myself, what's the point!?!?!? The exam is not until a month later, does finding out what exams you'll be having on whatever day will make a difference?? Not to me at least.

I miss being afford to buy stuff..

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:: Monday, September 15, 2003 ::
Location: Melbourne
Temperature: rainy & chilly 8°C

It has been a busy week. My favorite Sunday activity, is to sleep spend time doing nothing. I did not achieve that today because I had to go to uni to finish up my assignment which is due tomorrow. So, uni was deserted and kinda spooky.

After that, tried to compensate by taking a nap. It was, however not very satisfying. OMG, I'm so freakin pissed at Coles Supermarket. I got ripped off! (Law enforcement agency working for Coles, contact me if you think this is an error.) Right on my financial disaster, I was ripped off approximately $3. I purchased this vegetable called WOMBOK, and it costed $3.50 half of the wombok. I distinctly remember that last time i bought half of it, it costed like 0.50 cents. I checked the receipt and yup, it was $3.50. I walked back to the vegetable department and checked the price, the price tag stated $3.50 EACH. I could not argue about it, thinking I must have wrongly remembered. So, when I reached home, I checked my last grocery receipt (i pinned the receipts to the kitchen's notice board) and it was $0.50 last time I bought it! ALWAYS ALWAYS double check your receipts. Those scumbags.

Not that I'm a tightarse or something, but just something to be cautious of. $3 is a pretty big deal when you are in a 'dry spell'.
May my dry spell be lifted and be blessed with ...erm... money?

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:: Sunday, September 14, 2003 ::
Temperature: 7°C
Location: Melbourne

After several hours on the technical support, finally I managed to set up my email POP3 server on my mobile phone! So, at the time being I can send the photos I took using my mobile phone via email from my phone. The sad thing is that, I'm getting charged as per kb I send and recieve using the WAP/GPRS which I think stands for General Packet Radio Service. So, I'm gonna get a BlueTooth/ InfraRed/ Data Cable, which's more convinient when transfering data to my PC and vice versa.

I'm actually contemplating on which to buy, but according to my own research from the web, the BlueTooth adapter seems to be the better choice. I've read many customers recommended TDK's B.T adapter, which price is approximately 24 pound sterling. I'm not sure about the conversion rate should be approximately $50 Australian.
Check out the photos that I posted below.

Had macaroni & cheese for dinner. It was delicious. Housemate's friend came to visit bringing beer, so I had free beer to drink too.

I'm financially torn apart. Another 10+ days to go before my pocket money arrives and I've only got $40+ left in my wallet. :( More macaronis to come for meals..

somewhere near my apartment,

Caroline Street taken in black & white

View from my room window overlooking the city.

While waiting for tram on Swanston St. Melbourne. Black & white

Swanston Street Intercepting Lonsdale Street

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:: Saturday, September 13, 2003 ::
Location: Melbourne
Weather: rain storm & gloomy 17°C

I love Subway's chicken teriyaki.

Grabbed one of those whilst digging out from my assignmentSSS nightmare yesterday. Spent 6 hours in the computer lab in my uni and still did not get the job done. Nevertheless, it was fun, more like a picnic. Classmates were helpful and that made it so much easier.

Just downloaded Nickelback's Someday. It's great. Spent last night configuring my GPRS/WAP (No idea what's the difference) on my mobile phone. Apparently, I can log on the internet now but the emails settings are still wrong. Called my ISP, my Mobile network, they seem to point fingers at each other. "Ohh, you have to check with your ISP, ohhh, you have to check with your Mobile network..." Okay.."technical supports.."

Anyway, tried to send a photo which I took with my mobile phone via email, but like I said, it's not working. I guess I have to get it sent via infrared.

The sky is so grey, I love it this way.

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:: Thursday, September 11, 2003 ::
I don't know what's got into me today. I lost my temper. You know when you just can't take it anymore?

I was coming back from Uni today, starving, headache, tired and cold. I did not EXPECT my housemate to cook for me, but I do expect him to do his part, which is washing the dishes. I came home all exhausted and the fucking dishes just piled up in the sink AS USUAL, and the meats were left on the kitchen bench being unfrozened, waiting for me to come home and cook them. Ok, that's my responsibility, I accept that.

I'm so fucking sick having to make all the decisions and acting like a mother to him. He is a GROWN UP, older than me in fact. He's messy, and couldn't care less about hygiene. I mean, this is our apartment, at least he should do a bit of cleaning once in a while. NO NO NO everything I HAVE TO DO. I'm just so fucking pissed off today.

I opened the kitchen door, anger blood flushed through my head and then, I thought I would only protest by cooking instant noodle for MYSELF only. When I was pouring yesteryday's left over soup from the pot, to a bowl, it capzised and I was totally fuming with anger. I took the bowl and slammed the bowl into the basin that was filled with dirty dishes. I was surprised by the magnitude of devastation it caused. Many plates & bowls broke in the basin. I couldn't care less. I have had enough. I proceed to cook my instant noodle and came out. He somehow knew I was pissed and was in the lounge. I gave him the coldest stare and SLAMMED the fucking door.

I'm just sick of it. Feeling like crap at the moment. Not sure what to do next, as you know this guy lives with me. Not talk to him forever? OMG, this are gonna get uncomfortable. Is this an overreaction? Let me know your comments please.

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Temperature: 8°C

Yay, I've got my new mobile phone. The Sony Ericsson T610. I'm loving it. I'm so impressed with its function, that baby has got everything! Internet, voice commands, I'm telling you everything! One drawback though, I was looking forward to use its built-in camera to take some photos and may be post some on the web, but apparently you have to get some sort of cable which wasn't included in the package. :( According to the manual, you can send photos via infrared port to PCs, but my PC has no infrared port? Anyway, may be, I was thinking the computer shops has those USB infrared thingy? Hopefully so.

Anyway, today was fine. Slept really late yesterday and woke up really early today. The locksmith came early to fix our door knob and when I tried continueing to sleep, all sort of street noises came pouring, penetrating through every single pores of my windows' pane have got. Anyway, was supposed to meet my teammate at noon (as promised) but when I woke up it was already noon :(. So, called her to apologize and went to the city to meet my friend.

Was surprised when acknowledged that my friend had 2 of his friends were with him too. OMG, that guy, I wanted to punch him, he was so bloody irrating and embarrassing. He talked loudly and was so boisterous, you know those aggorant, ignorant and Mr.Thinks-he-knows-all type? Don't even get me started on his fashion. I was embarrassed to death sitting on the same table with him. Thank God, my friend realised I was uncomfortable and abandoned them straight after lunch.

So, we went to 'attempt' to sign the phone. I used the attempt because I did not put my hopes up, the odds were against me that I would probably be rejected because of my shameful bank balance. Anyway, went in and politely asked the salesgirl to take a look of bank statement and asked if it was legitimate.

She opened her eyes wide open and her dramatic reactions really embarrassed me. Ohhh no!! You should have at least $1000 in your bank balance!*flipping virigulously(sp?) the pieces of bank statement I gave her* I defended myself saying, "But when my pocket money arrives soon, I'll have the $1000 I can just print it out again".
"Okay..." she finally gave in. I'll do this one time for you but make sure you pay the bill on time! "definitely!" I said, excited, my chances of getting a phone increased by 20%

Anyway, after that, went to lecture and class to start on my assignment. It was quite fun because my fellow classmates were pretty helpful. Ended up going back approx. 9.30pm. So now, I'm exhausted again.. Gotta meet my friend for team meeting tomorrow at 2pm. Oohhh at least I can use my Sony Ericsson alarm clock!

It's September 11th. RIP those who lost their lives this day, 2 years ago.

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